Monday, June 7, 2010

The Bounty Hunter - Zero Stars

The Bounty Hunter is an anomaly: it is an action movie with no action, a comedy with no comedy, and a romance with no romance. How can it be all three things, without being any of them?

Well, you put a whole bunch of guns in it without letting anyone come close to hitting anything when they're actually fired and you set your biggest chase scene on foot, at a golf course. Then you cast Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston as the leads, two people so unfunny by themselves that when they are combined they create a sort of comedic black hole, from which even the likes of Jeff Garlin and Jason Sudeikis cannot escape. And then you write all of their dialogues as bitter arguments, so that when they do finally get back together in the end, everyone has already left the theater, and they've missed it.

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