Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When in Rome - *1/2

Nothing unexpected happens in When in Rome. Is that good or bad? Your call. Girl in love with job has no time for men until she goes to Rome for her sister's wedding and falls in love with a guy, mistake's guy's sister for guy's girlfriend, gets drunk, takes coins out of a magic fountain and owners of coins instantly fall in love with girl. I refuse to put any more effort into a plot description of this film because there was no more effort than that put into the plot itself. It's formulaic, silly, ridiculous and sometimes downright stupid, but it's almost made tolerable by the small parts, like Danny DeVito as one of Kristen Bell's suitors who owns a sausage factory and constantly tries to woo her with fancy sausage links. Any other actor and that's dull, even for this movie, but DeVito has the stuff to pull it off. Jon Heder plays Napoleon Dynamite the fourth (this is his fourth film, right?), this incarnation being a shitty magician, and believe it or not he is actually funny some of the time. Overall not good, but not all wretched, either.

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