Sunday, March 21, 2010

Edge of Darkness - *

In theory Edge of Darkness sounds great: Mel Gibson in a gritty revenge-thriller directed by Martin Campbell, the guy that did Casino Royale! In practice, in short, it's a piece of shit. It's the type of film that makes your iPhone bill well worth the money. There's relatively no action, awful performances, and boring dialogue that only serves to set up underwhelming payoffs. I can't think of a movie in which it feels like actors are straining so hard to have an accent... and failing at it. Even London born Ray Winstone seems like he's trying to sound British, and menacing, and he goes oh-for-two. The political/corporate conspiracy plot is incoherent, but that doesn't matter, because even as you check's price for the Lethal Weapon Blu-ray, you'll still be able to sort it out, because you've seen it a hundred times. Aside from a few decent line deliveries from Danny Huston, there's nothing, at all, to see here.

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