Sunday, July 10, 2011


I don't know if you noticed, but I haven't posted anything on here for about three months. Sorry. A few reasons: First, the Secretly Awesome feature was adopted by, which is a website that hooks people up with free passes to exclusive and advance screenings of movies in large cities. I believe they are only operating the northeast right now, but if you live in or around places like New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, I would certainly recommend frequenting their website or following them on Twitter (@Cinemit).

Second, I moved. Third, I bought a very large television and have been binging on blu-rays for the past month or so, so I really haven't been to many movies lately anyway. I had introduced Secretly Awesome for the purpose of adding some consistency to the posting of new content on this site. Removing it had the unintended consequence of removing my interest in posting anything new. Oops. From now on, I'll post Secretly Awesome in a preview format, with a link to the full feature on Cinemit, and hopefully I'll find it in me to post something on some current movies while I'm at it.

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