Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome to Denzel, WA

I am behind on this blog. Perhaps I started it a little late in the year, as I have already seen 18 films, so I will have to write like a hurricane to catch up. This is difficult, though, because most of these films were garbage, which means the details have eluded my memory. So these first few reviews might be a little crude. In some form I hope to have a few reviews up by the end of the week. Either way, bear with me because I am new to this; it is just my training day. I will get better as I go and in the end, whether this year is full of glory at the theater, or a carbon copy of last year's garbage gives you a bad case of deja vu, I hope that this blog can inspire some great debates from some great debaters. Well, I think I'm just about out of time.

Remember the Titans,
Bradley Redder

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